APG & Sulapac

APG Europe Becomes the Distributor of Sulapac’s Innovative Sustainable Packaging

Customer-driven solutions in an ever-changing business world through reliable suppliers are the focal point of APG Europe’s mission.

As experts in packaging distribution for the globe’s most innovative companies, the high standards of our suppliers are the starting point of every solution.

Sulapac answers the increasing demand for sustainable packaging – that’s why APG Europe is now a primary Sulapac partner and specialist in cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. With divisions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we offer comprehensive answers and results to our customers.

Sustainability: The Driving Force Behind Our Partnership

APG’s customer-oriented, professional packaging specialists work from a passion for packaging which we call “progressive craftsmanship”. When studying the current packaging sector, we recognised there’s an increasing demand for sustainable packaging. International regulations push companies more and more towards plastic-free solutions and fossil-fuel alternatives. The mindset of people is also gradually shifting towards green products, creating an entirely new packaging market. Sulapac is the innovation needed in a world where sustainability is the way of the future.

'However, this isn’t our first cooperation. As part of the Indutrade holding, we’ve established sustainable partnerships over the last decades with many global market leaders delivering primary packaging materials.'

– Robert Kruijer, Commercial Director APG Europe

The Beginning of APG and Sulapac’s Partnership

While looking for new sustainable yet innovative packaging solutions, we first came in contact with Sulapac at Luxe Pack 2017. Since then, we’ve introduced Sulapac to our manufacturing partner HK Cosmetics, resulting in the launch of the Sulapac Antonella cosmetic jar range. And after further expanding our cooperation, we’ve become the first line global distributor of the Sulapac portfolio.

The complete collection of Sulapac’s wooden-based, bio-plastic products will be exclusively available on the APG Sulapac webstore. Our warehouse has more than 5,000 pallet places reserved for our clients to keep their stock. Therefore, Sulapac manufacturers Nissha & Volumatik cosmetic and supplement jars can also be purchased through APG Europe, alongside HK Cosmetics products.

‘High ethical standards and integrity are key in all our business relationships.’

– Paul Muller, Purchasing Manager APG Europe

Delivering Much More Than Seamless Distribution

Our knowledge of the highly regulated pharmaceutical packaging sector ensures we guide customers seamlessly through the entire process of launching a new product in Sulapac material. APG contact persons will provide guidance regarding partners for testing and researching. And we can recommend CMO’s & CDMO’s with knowledge and experience in compatibility testing with the Sulapac portfolio.

Leaning on our cosmetic expertise, we also ensure you achieve the desired aesthetic with Sulapac packaging. We’ll connect you to APG printing partners to fully customize the decoration of your jar, or you can choose from nine standard Sulapac colors. With these printing solutions, you can order unprinted jars and launch multiple products with original designs, while only ordering one type of Sulapac jar with APG.

‘It’s our passion to ensure the lowest cost for our customers by supply chain integration, quality control and waste reduction’

– Ronald van Haaften, CEO APG Europe

Offering the Complete Package to Customers

Low operation costs through Supply Chain Management are more important than ever. APG Europe reduces this expense by organizing and executing each step as efficiently as possible. Our one-stop-shop philosophy encompasses many operational aspects.

We can guarantee the highest quality at a low Total Cost of Ownership. This includes the total cost such as the purchasing, logistics, sampling, and quality control of delivered goods.

Our TCO philosophy goes hand in hand with supply chain management. Through call of contracts, we keep Sulapac jars in stock for up to two years, allowing you to fully focus on your product launch. This ensures a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces is manageable – even for startups.

Much More Than Your Stereotypical Partner

Partnerships work for APG in two ways. We deliver customized solutions and services to our customers. But we also work closely with our network of reliable international suppliers, whom we carefully select.

The development of these partnerships takes time. Our cooperation with Sulapac has already been developing for seven years and we’re continually working on executing our long-term vision.

APG Europe is undoubtedly your key supply chain management partner in guiding your brand towards sustainability with the complete Sulapac portfolio.

'To differentiate ourselves from other distributors, we are now transforming our warehouse towards a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certified warehouse. With the storage of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), this innovation creates the perfect storage conditions for Bio-Plastics such as Sulapac.'

– Richard Anspach, Quality Director APG Europe