Mergers and acquisitions

APG Europe believes in growth through collaboration and integration of well-functioning companies. Companies can respond best to market situations through strong, local management and ensure solidarity and entrepreneurship.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy corresponds 1-on-1 with our parent company. After a takeover by APG Europe, your company will continue to exist in the capacity as you have built it. Our intention is to form a European packaging group together with companies. Maintaining the corporate identity, culture and name are in good hands with us. Collaboration and integration is not imposed from above. Preferably there is a mutual need to share knowledge and expertise in a natural way. We call that integration from the inside. All organizational layers and functions can complement each other's areas on the basis of equality.  

"For us it was very important that the life’s work of two Verbeeck generations would not be lost. It was our wish to grow on to be a European player to be reckoned with. Herewith the continuity for our employers that form the backbone and the real capital of our organisation, was essential. With Aluglas we eventually chose a party that not only offers masses of synergy, but also was very complementary to our current activities. We believe that we can build a strong European packaging group together that will also be a reliable, efficient and good partner for all our customers outside Benelux as well.”
December 2014, Erik Verbeeck, Board member Verbeeck Packaging Group

Your profile

For the expansion of APG Europe, we are constantly looking for trading and / or production companies that operate in the business market of pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, OTC and food packaging.  

It is important that you:

  • Have a high level of expertise to the physical products
  • Are profitable and have a stable (growing) annual turnover of 5 million euro
  • Sell products with a repetitive character, possibly producing or assembling them yourselves, or where service activities generate stable income.

Does your company meet the above points and are you considering selling your business? Then we would like to meet you. Even if it concerns an early phase of business orientation. Given the sustainability we aim for in our relationships, it is even better if we have already met each other for a longer period of time.

Acquisition of business activities

We are also open for taking over business activities or product representations. 

Do not hesitate to contact Ronald van Haaften (CEO) +31 292 939 332 or email You may trust that your information is safe with us, we deal confidentially with your information.