Sulapac as a company

Every success story needs a strong foundation and a North Star to follow. These guide Sulapac's journey.


Together saving the world from plastic waste.


The new standard for sustainable materials replacing plastics.


Holding creativity, sustainability and integrity in high regard.


Think outside the box. At Sulapac, everyone is encouraged to think big. Sulapac challenges themselves to constantly come up with new ideas and innovations. They dare to take risks, they try and they learn. The purpose of Sulapac's social policy is to nurture their employees’ wellbeing to allow creativity to thrive.


Respect nature. Sulapac is devoted to respecting nature and saving the world from plastic waste. Sulapac do not compromise onsustainability, and this principle is applied throughout their entire value chain. Sulapac is made of sustainably sourced raw materials andbiodegrades fully without leaving permanent microplastics behind. These elements are the basis of Sulapac's sustainability policy.


Keeping their word is paramount to Sulapac. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to achieving the goals they set forth. They consistently craft high-quality products, earning the trust of their esteemed partners and customers day in and day out. Integrity is the cornerstone of their ethically responsible behavior.